Civics It Up!

This project consumed an enormous amount of planning, development, and dedication. Implementation would not have been possible if the support of many individuals and organizations had not been given. Sincere gratitude is extended to all involved, each one contributing their expertise and talents.

First of all thanks are given to Barbara Gibson, Manager, and Joanne Huebner, Assistant Manager, of the Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center (VALRC) at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, for logistical support and for providing necessary guidance concerning the project’s implementation. Special thanks to Katie Bratisax, technology support specialist at VALRC for her technical guidance and support in the design and release of the web site.

Heather Zulauf, Senior Account Manager, and Chia Chiu, Senior Lead Back End Developer, of the Division of University Relations of Virginia Commonwealth University, are appreciated for their knowledge and skills so that the Civics It Up! project was brought to life as a digital document by converting the instructional content into a practical and valuable resource.

Finally, special recognition needs to be awarded to the dedication, expertise, and creativity of the Civics It Up! design and writing team who spent innumerable hours crafting an instructional tool that will serve as a valuable resource for unit and lesson planning for IEL/Civics instruction in adult education:

  • Emily Becketti, Arlington County Public Schools
  • Debra Cargill, Prince William County Schools
  • Rosa Chiarello-Ugarte, Rappahannock Regional Adult Education Program
  • Jennifer Fadden, Fairfax County Public Schools
  • Nancy Faux, Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center
  • Mary Ann Florez, Fairfax County Public Schools
  • Lauren Lang, Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center
  • Debra Tuler, Charlottesville City Public Schools
  • Susan Watson, Virginia Commonwealth University.
Group photo
Figure 1 IEL/CE Working Group meeting at Wegman's in Fredericksburg. Susan Watson, Emily Becketti, MaryAnn Florez, Jennifer Fadden, Debby Cargill, Rosa Chiarello-Ugarte, Debbie Tuler, Lauren Lang, and Nancy Faux.